Terms And Conditions

The tours are subject to cancellations or postponements due to breakdown of the vechile or due to insufficient tourists for the trip. In the case of cancellation journey deduction will be made as follows:
  1. The Scheduled Trips / Tours are subject to delays / postponement or cancellation.
  2. In the case of cancellation / by passenger / the deduction will be made as follows
    • a.Before 24 hours of daparture time - 25% of fare.
    • b.who is medically unfit or incapable of travelling
    • c.Within 6 hours or after daparture time - No Refund.
  3. Management is not responsible for the loss,theft or damage to the luggage or other belongings of the passengers.
  4. Reporting time at Boarding point is 30 minutes before Departure time,failing which tickets will be cancelled automatically without refund.
  5. Our buses start from our office.
  6. Pet animals and contraband goods are not allowed.
  7. No extra charge for video .
  8. In case of Booking through Credit Card
    • a.Passengers must have to produce original Identity proof to verify and the Xerox Copy to submit at the time of boarding, without which he will not be allowed to travel, no refund for the same.
    • b.Payment Gateway charges for online transaction will be deducted (5% of Total Fare + 10.3% Tax on it) extra of the fare, which is shown in the Ticket.
    • c.The personal informations submitted for ticket will be kept confidential.